Thursday, August 9, 2018

Nuttin' But The Hits:2018 Score Football Blaster Box

Not too long ago, I posted a Nuttin But The Hits edition of Score with a rack pack. I said I wasn't done yet with Score and here comes round 2!

This time I go blaster box style with one guaranteed hit. Will it be a Saquon autograph? Well, let's break it.

Each blaster box of 2018 Score football comes with 11 packs of 12 cards each. You will find one auto or memorabilia card per box. 9.5/10 times that's gonna be a relic. Lots of cards however for your $20.

Some Gmen I found.

Key rookies from my box including Rudolph, Penny and Chubb

Parallels including a Jack Rabbit one. Great card for the PC

Inserts. It appears inserts have parallels like times past.

And my one hit...drum roll....

Nelson Agholor! Perfect. Great fit for my Giants PC :-/
Overall hit-wise not good, but did pull some rookie cards I needed and some big named players in the inserts. I still did not find a single Barkley card in this break so guess that means I will need to do another one.
Will the next one hold a Barkley card? You will have to wait and see!

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  1. Sweet run by Barkley. The guys on the radio (in the Bay Area) were talking about it last night. That Signal Callers insert of Russell Wilson is pretty cool. That Scoreboard card with the Falcons beating the Hawks isn't. :(