Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Big Cat Delivers

I know that one of my resolutions at the beginning of the year was to cut down on trading with so many new people, mostly because last year I had wasted so much time digging stuff out to trade just to have it fall through, but there were some cards I was interested in posted by @TheBigCat63 that I just had to try and get.

So we talked some in messages and out of nowhere bloomed a big time trade. There were cards I got to have first dibs on before they were even posted. Those I am very excited about and most are on this post today but some more coming up over the next few days. Not only was he very nice to talk to, he was very easy to trade with, threw in some great freebies and is new to trading online as well. I am hoping my posts over the next few days will help him gain new trading friends.

Let's check out part one of this three part mail day posting.

He tossed in a ton of Blue parallels for 2015 Americana with roughly half I needed for my set chase. He even tossed in some Freeze Frames for that set as well and all were new.

My man Hootie! A Hootie insert along with some numbered parallels from Panini Country Music.

Al Jardine relic. I can't say this enough, non sport relics are awesome.

David Marks relic. Once again, very cool.

Legendary Ginger Rogers. I love these older relics Panini put in Americana. I just wished the product line would make a return.

Not sure who Joe Giduice is, but hey, it's a non sport relic. So it works.

A pair of Bette Davis relics. And yes, she definitely has Bette Davis eyes.

Jane Russell relic. Bright red!

Mickey Rourke relic. He has been in about a million films.

And finally funny man Kevin Hart. I recently traded for another piece for my collection involving him. That will be posted soon as well.  I know some don't like him but I am a fan and enjoy most of his movies. I still need to see Night School Any of you see it?

Part one is just the beginning of this massive mail day. Much more to come tomorrow so stay tuned!


  1. Looks like an awesome trade! I'll definitely give Big Cat a follow. I love Kevin Hart. Haven't seen Night School yet.

  2. Kevin Hart is hilarious! Cool relic.

  3. Other than the "Entertainer Joe Giduice" card, a very solid group of cards to start things off with!

  4. Good stuff. I thought Night School was pretty solid.