Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Nothing If Not Random Cardboard Part 2

Bulldog who runs the Nothing If Not Random blog sent me a huge box of goodies and I showed off some of it yesterday. Today, another part. And once again I wanted to remind you that not all of the mail day will be shown. There was so so much.

 I believe this is my first CJ Conrad card and think it's a red parallel at that.

 Eli! I think this is his last run so I am hoping the Giants can make the most of it.

 Tiki Barber and my favorite and only video game I play, winner of a card folks. A Winner.

 Speaking of winners, Super Bowl XXI featured the giants who took down the mighty Broncos.

There were many Rodney Hampton cards in the box, none were new but these two I will go towards my 100 Score and 100 Topps base rookies of him chase. I thank Gavin for that idea with his Grissom chase.


 Another Saquon!!!

 And Another!!!

 And guess more!!! So exciting! I am still very happily taking his cards for my PC of him.

And the final card, I didn't see the first time going through the box as it was hiding. But, a new autograph to my NY Giants autograph collection.

A big thanks goes out to Bulldog for this awesome mail day. If you haven't yet, check him out at Nothing If Not Random blog and add him to your blogroll if you haven't yet.


  1. Those Pro Line Portraits cards are great. You do have to think Eli is at the end of the road. Been a heck of a run though. Glad you enjoyed the cards. That's what it is all about.

  2. Wish I had known about your chase for 100 1990 Score Hamptons a few years ago. I've come across a ton of early 90's football over the years... which have either been donated to Goodwill for tax purposes... or sold at flea markets. I'm going to a show on Saturday though. If I find any 1990 football, I'll grab as many Hamptons as I can.

    1. Thanks Fuji! Not sure where I stand at this point but it's not 100

  3. Hasn't Eli been on his last run for about five years now?

    1. haha yes but this year with a first round draft pick behind him for the first time its for real