Tuesday, March 10, 2020

BREAKING NEWS:Latest 2019 Prizm Rainbow Eli Manning Find!


We have a huge addition to the Eli Manning Rainbow chase for 2019 Prizm football.

The Gold Vinyl /5 was uncovered by my friend Bryan, @90sNicheFBCard, and he knew exactly who needed this for their rainbow chase.

That's right..mmmmeeeeee.

Here it is in all it's glory. I haven't ever seen a Gold Vinyl up close before. It's really got a back of the record feel and appeal to it.

5/5! eBay 1/1 folks!

Here is an overall look at Eli's Rainbow Chase in 2019 Prizm
Base Prizm, Blue, Disco, Green, Lazer, Neon Green, Pink, Red, Red Ice, Red/White/Blue, White Sparkle, Orange /249, Blue Wave /199, Hyper /175, Red Wave /149, Blue Ice /99, Green Scope /75, Purple Power /49, Camo /25, Red Shimmer /15, Gold /10, Blue Shimmer /10, Gold Vinyl /5, Green Shimmer /2., and Black Finite 1/1.

And here's the rest of the Eli's in case you missed them the first time around,
Base Card. You gotta start there.

Silver Prizm.

Red Wave /149

Red, retail exclusive.

Red Ice.
Neon Green

Blue Wave /199

Green Scope /75

Hyper /175


Purple Power /49.

Blue Ice


Red, White and Blue!

White Sparkle. These are not numbered, but are limited to just 20 copies each.

Gold Lazer.

Orange /249

I am not sure when the next need will pop up or if I will even be able to afford it, but it's fun to at least get this far.


  1. Duh da da dunt dunt dunt... another one bites the dust! Congratulations!

  2. It's nice that you got some folks looking out for you, and thankfully you have enough to trade when they do find something.

    1. Thats not always the case. Sometimes a trade like this will take me months to stockpile stuff for someone.