Tuesday, May 5, 2020

In My Spare Time

In my spare time, I have been able to put more focus on collecting than ever before.
  • I am completely caught up on sorting, it helps that I don't have much coming in and not boxes/packs to break.
  • I have done a couple PWE trades and was finally able to hit some people back I had been waiting to do
  • I am considering re-doing my entire collection from binders to all boxes (would need supplies first)
  • I pulled off a couple of bigger trades, risked going to post office doing so, and landed two great cards for my collection (more on those soon)
  • Cut down on some set needs for a few sets including m 2019 Optic football chase.
Speaking of that chase, I got in a couple more mail days that came with set help.
@ENSportsCards1 passed along these six just because. Thanks again man!

Then @BoSox1978 sent these needs along. Much appreciated!

I have also been blessed by a few bloggers who are hosting Free Card days and this one recently came in from Brian over at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary who passed along a couple of cards.
I can never turn down a rookie card, especially a Young Gun I don't have

And this Stephen Piscotty autograph rookie was also staring at me in the face for my rookie PC.

Thanks Brian!

While I am at it, also in my spare time I have revived my NY Giants PC blog in Snagging Cardboard (blog name change may come). I will be posting most of my incoming NY Giants cards over there with a few exceptions of ones I have already put posts together here for. So if you have sent me any NY Giants recently and wonder why they are not being posted here, well, you will need to follow that blog to see my posts. Also, please add that one to your blogrolls if you haven't yet!

And while you are at it, Cards Over Coffee is a new blog I started not too long ago and will hopefully have some posts soon. It originally was a blog unlike this one, then I switched it to a 90's blog, and now I am going back to the original plan I had for that blog. Those posts will be ones I take more time on and hopefully give you guys something fun to read. It's not like this one which I still hope you enjoy. Please go give that one a follow and add it to your blogrolls as well.

Thanks again to the guys above for the mail days. If you haven't followed them on Twitter yet or checked out Brian's blog, please do so.

Now I am curious, what have you done in your extra spare time (assuming you have had some)


  1. I have changed my collecting so many times over the last 4+ decades. I changed the last time back around 2014. This time it is a done deal, no more.....well.....we'll see. Hehehe. I am back to what I first collected when it comes to baseball cards, set builds and Braves. The only exception is the humpteen dozens other collections, like my PC's and mini collections. What matters is keeping it fun.

    1. Absolutely. I have never really changed my PC, just my focus' on what's more important. That has shifted many times

  2. Glad you're using your spare time productively. Most of my weekdays are spent teaching and creating Google Slides and Forms for my classroom presentations... and sorting and reading blog posts while waiting for my next period to start.

    In the afternoon and evenings, I usually relax (watch tv, talk to friends and family, go for walks, write posts, and read blogs) and run errands (if I have any).

    In regards to collecting, I spent last week getting my set build wants in order... then I placed 6 or 7 Sportlots orders. That should wrap up a bunch of set builds... which I'm sure will be shared on my blog. The one thing I haven't done is sat down and sorted all of those darn mystery bag stacks that are piled up in my office. I know I need to, but I'm just not feeling it.

    1. I am sure Sportslots has lots I need as well.

      I have found myself when I am not on here or in the hobby watching lots of TV as well but mainly This Is Us. Such an amazing deeply written show.

  3. Hmm, what have been doing with my spare time? I guess one of the biggies has been to write multiple posts about what I've been doing with my spare time :)

    You're thinking of switching to boxes too, eh? Is there anything behind this potential change, or are you just looking to switch things up?

    1. I have so many binders and they are buried on top of each other, that I would prefer to have boxes I can just slide in and out with the stuff I am looking for. I came to this conclusion when looking for a couple of cards recently. It took forever to dig through the binders, then to find what I need. AT least with boxes they would be marked which team and then labeled accordingly