Thursday, May 14, 2020

Johnny Sends Lots Of Brunell

Once again, pulled off another blind trade, still need to send a return on, with with Johnny's Trading Spot.

Aaaaaannnd once again, he sent a bunch of surprises which turned out to be a focus on one of my side player PC's, Mark Brunell.

Check out the 10 new autograph additions,

the person who got these signed had a great taste in card choices. A lot of my favorite brands here mixed. Not to mention, a big focus on Mark in a Jags uni. That's when I was the biggest fan of his.

Thanks again for the trade Johnny. I will hopefully have a return sent out soon.

(while you are at it, go read the newest post over at Cards Over Coffee right here→→Settled)

For today's topic,
Do you guys collect IP or TTM autographs for your PC?


  1. Whoa. That's quite the Brunell autograph collection in one trade package.

  2. I have very few TTM or IP autos in my collection. Too many horror stories of faked and ghost signed autos through the years.

  3. Johnny seems to have an endless supply of IP autos, pretty neat though that he would have so many of one of your PC guys.