Friday, March 14, 2014

Poll Friday: What Are Your Favorite New Segments On Sport Card Collectors? Results!

I recently kicked off our first every Poll Friday. These polls will usually only run one week, but this one I decided to hold for a few weeks so I can get the best results.

Now that Sport Card Collectors is in its third month of the new changes and segments, I have seen some ups and downs with some of the new ones and wanted reader feedback on which ones I should keep and which ones I should let go.

Upon looking at these results, it's exactly what my numbers were telling me as the most popular to the least. So Featured NY Giants and Yankee card segments will be leaving. Filling in the spots will be What's In The Mail Box? and some other new segments that are being planned as I type.

I am glad my two favorite segments, Caption This! and Hobby Topic will make the cut. I really enjoy those. As for reviews, despite a low number, I hadn't put any up this year yet when I had put the poll up so you wouldn't have known what those were like yet. I will have plenty of reviews coming up just like the ones that were already put out this week!

As always, your thoughts about these moves are welcomed. Also, I would appreciate you participating in this weeks poll asking you Which ONE Of These Players Would You Want Any Rookie Card Of? Good luck because you can only choose one!! I will share the results with you next week!
As for this past weeks results, you can check them out for yourself below!

What Are Your Favorite New Segments On Sport Card Collectors?

Featured NY Giants Card
  2 (5%)
Featured NY Yankees Card
  2 (5%)
Topps Card Of The Week
  13 (38%)
Panini Card Of The Week
  14 (41%)
Upper Deck Card Of The Week
  7 (20%)
Caption This!
  9 (26%)
Hobby Topic
  13 (38%)
Retail Break 'Em
  16 (47%)
Hobby Break 'Em
  19 (55%)
Reviews (N/A Yet)
  4 (11%)
Other Stories (opinion, etc)
  8 (23%)


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