Friday, March 7, 2014

Hobby Break 'Em: 2013 Painini Prominence Football Hobby Pack

When you think hobby pack, you most likely are not thinking about a mini box. However, that is the case with Panini Prominence. Each hobby box comes with 3 mini boxes or what they call hobby packs. This is a break of just one of the three. Every "pack" comes with 5 cards. One being an autographed hit. Each pack runs about $45.

There isn't any big pulls here but this product can provide some and some nice looking ones!

I can't seem to get away form Gavin Escobar and Knile Davis in my packs! They continue to haunt me. Especially Escobar who I have had an auto hit of multiple times this year in my breaks.

I like the base card design in Prominence. It's plain and simple, yet elegant. The cards are also thick like memorabilia cards.

My hit of the box:
I know some really don't like the looks of these Rookie Field Plates, but I say they are crazy. This design is spectacular! The end zones with team names. Color scheme and just enough room for the autograph and the outside marble border color that surrounds it just makes it even more impressive.

Back to the break itself, for $45, it's obviously a risk. You only get 4 base/rookie cards and the one hit. You obviously need that one hit to be something decent to get a good return here. This box didn't provide it, but I have seen others that have. When buying any form of packs and boxes, you are always taking a risk. That is just part of the hobby, but it can also be a fun part of the hobby when you get the right pulls.

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