Sunday, March 2, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

This was a dual mail day from Jammin JDcards. The first two cards were from the Topps Prime Football 2013 break I was in. The rest of the cards from his awesome site where he has an unimaginable amount of cards for sale. Something for everyone I think.

I landed the Falcons in this break. I didn't hit it huge but I do like the parallel of Desmond Trufant who could be a rising star in the league.

As you can see with other past mail days, an aim has been for Rueben Randle cards. And this was another great addition to my Randle PC.


Here is another Randle goodness along with a couple more Jernigans for that PC. Also some bonus Giants cards thrown in by Jammin JDcards.

A pretty nice mail day I think. I really like the Randle addition. Finest is one of my favorite Topps products other than Chrome. And it was very nice of Jammin JDcards to throw in some bonuses,thanks again for those!

If you are looking for something for your collection, I strongly recommend checking out Jammin JDcards first. I would be shocked if they didn't have something you need. You can check out their website HERE. And while you are there don't forget to join in on some box breaks as well! Good Luck hunting!

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