Monday, March 3, 2014

Get Upper Deck Rewarded From Dynamics Inc. ePlate Credit Card

For us sport card collectors, we know we are going to spend money. Not to mention most of that money will be spent using credit cards and most of those credit cards we use will have a rewards program giving us gift cards, air-fare, discounts and more. So why not use a credit card that will reward us with the very thing we use our credit cards for? Yup, that's right. Sport cards.
Upper Deck has launched the first trading card rewards program for the Dynamics ePlate™ Visa® credit card . This lets consumers earn exclusive Upper Deck Trading Cards purchases.


Here are a couple of the ePlate Credit cards and what they look like.
For every $5 spent on the ePlate, you get one digital card. There are 250 digital cards in a set. Once you complete a 250 digital card set from your chosen sport (There is also an online trading forum where you can trade your double digital cards with others to help you complete your set and help them with theirs as well), you can trade those in to get a pack of UD Infinite cards from your chosen sport. These are real, physical cards that come in a wrapper of 5. Dynamic Inc was nice enough to mail me a pack to show off to you and as an example of what you can find. I must also note there is no-fee option $10 spent version of ePlate called ePlateEZ that enables you to earn digital cards with every $10 spent and helps you complete your collection faster.  

What makes these cards so special and so rare is you can ONLY EARN THEM from this rewards program. You can't buy these cards in stores or online. Another cool thing is that you can find autographed versions of the real physical cards! Big names to from multiple eras such Joe Namath and Russell Wilson, Julius Erving and Chris Paul, and Jack Nicklaus and Rory McIlroy plus many more!

I was lucky enough to open up a pack of the physical pack of basketball cards, though I didn't hit one of those sweet autographed cards I was impressed with the look of the cards and here is how I did:

The cards look even better in person. They are thick like a memorabilia card, have a gold bottom border and UD Infinite in gold. The players are all positioned to the forefront with a rainbow school picture type of background. Very elegant. This pack also packed a punch with legends Larry Bird and Michael. Jordan.

If you want to find out more or want to sign up for the ePlate Credit Card, you can find the sign-up application and even more information on their website that you can find HERE

Let me know if you sign-up and your thoughts on this program. Would love to hear your feedback especially if you earn a pack of UD Infinite cards.

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  1. Ive been searching for 4 YEARS to find someone to trade with. Is there anybody out there looking to trade digital cards to complete a set? email me at