Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Retail Break 'Em: 2014 Topps Baseball Series 1 Blaster Box

With a downed rookie season in 2013 football, my itch for baseball cards came back to life. I wished there was more than one company producing them, but happy there was some newer product out on the market to buy. Goodbye 2013 card season and hello 2014!

Topps has promised this year that retail will provide bigger hits. Not just the generic commemorative patch cards we are used to. I have actually seen people hit autograph/memorabilia cards and Red Sox World Series patch cards from blasters and the temptation for wanting to bust one had to turn to an reality.

Each blaster box of Topps baseball cards comes with 10 packs, 1 commemorative patch card and two Walmart exclusive blue parallels per pack.

Gotta showcase a Yankee base card of course!

Rookies seem a little harder to get this year. I only got 6 in this blaster box.

Now batting from my inserts...DEREK JETER!

My first mini of 2014 a Wade Boggs one

The patch cards are kinda cool and well designed this year.

For $20, I find this break to be worth it. The patch card alone could equal what you pay for the blaster or at least half of it. Then you add in the parallels and good amount of inserts and the possibility at hobby hits and you got a good deal.

Let me know your thoughts on this break and whether you have bought a blaster or not. Would also love to hear if you hit it big in one.

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