Monday, March 24, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

I normally don't do a lot of trades being a card hoarder (one who has HUGE problems letting go of cardboard) and having issues with not knowing who to trust. But on this particular day I was fine with doing a trade when Tim Yount approached me about a card that I had.

I have known Tim for a couple of years through Facebook on the Upper Deck page and on Twitter. I just knew he would make a great trading partner as he proved so below.

Tim was acquiring about getting this card for his PC:

Which I was more than fine trading (surprisingly I was able to let go of a rookie card, very rare) and in return I requested the usual NY Giants and Rueben Randle. I didn't ask for any amount of cards and said "just send me what you feel is an equal trade as I trust you."

What he sent me in return blew my socks off:

This was way more than I expected. All of these will be great additions to my PC (one of many different ones). I can't even pick a favorite from the group.

Thanks again Tim for making this trade and for the incredible cards that you sent to me in return. You are a great guy and hobbyist. NOTE: he also sent me another card for free that I really wanted. That will be saved for another post.

As always, I am open to comments on my mail days and if you haven't done so, go follow Tim on Twitter. You never know when you might need to make a trade with him.

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