Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

In this edition of What's In The Mail Box?, I recently was up late scouring eBay when I found this lot.

It had no bids with the starting one at .99.Then I noticed a card that really stuck out to me, one that I have wanted for some time, this card:
This wasn't just any ole card, IT WAS A PHIL SIMMS ROOKIE CARD! At that point I bid on the lot and kept paying close attention not wanting to lose out. The rest of the cards were nice added bonuses but the sugar in the pot I really wanted was the Simms.

Two hours passed and still no bids but mine. Was I honestly going to get this for .99? Sure enough the final 30 minutes counted down and in my possession soon would be a Phil Simms rookie card (among 8 others) all for .99! Wow! What a steal! I have since then gotten the Simms in the main and now the Simms is officially in hand and in my Giants PC where he will stay for many years to come.

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