Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review: Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4

After 8 seasons, it's hard to say goodbye to such a great show. I still am wondering what USA Network was thinking about when deciding to pull the plug on this one. With a mix of detective work and comedy, it was a great blend with an incredible cast of characters.

I am posting this review on the day of the final episode as a way to say goodbye and thank you for the many on the edge of your seat moments, humor and maybe even a few tears.

Thank you Psych and I will continue to watch you on DVD.

Now onto the review:

  • 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
  • 2 hits (though not guaranteed)
PRICE: You can find most boxes around $40 Right Now


2 Of Each Of The Following:
Henry's Wisdom
Psychic Moments

Memorabilia (non-autographed):
Shawn Spencers Plaid Blue Shirt

Autographs/Autograph Memorabilia
Jaleel White Autograph

Full action shots of the actors and biggest scenes from seasons 1-4 all captured in 63 cards. I think Cryptozoic did a great job here capturing some of the best moments that stood out to me and looking back through them I can remember each of the scenes. The back of the card is a little displays another picture from the scene on the front with a small writeup about it.

I like the design here as it is wide open for the base cards.

The inserts are in need of a little work. Not to much glimmer on the Incognito and Henry's Wisdom ones (though I do like they put Henry's face at the bottom) but the Psychic Moments was my favorite with the rainbow foil making it seem Psychedelic. 

The Incognito insert features Shawn and Gus with a little dab of Juliet in some of the undercover garb they wear. Which alone is hilarious to look at. Henry's Wisdom is lessons that Henry teaches Shawn, which we all know he wants nothing to be apart of. Finally the Psychic Moments reveal some of Shawn's big psychic moments on the show.

I got this box for $35. But the moments are priceless. I think I did really good on this break by hitting the best Wardrobe card and one of the better autographs. In every box you get a base set, a decent amount of doubles. An autograph and a wardrobe card. Early on it may have been a little steep of a purchase for $60+. But right now, under $40, I will eat this up all day everyday with a side of pineapple.

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