Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

I recently won a contest on Twitter and scored some pretty sweet cards as you will see below. Thanks again to @tradebuysell for the contest and for the prize winnings! You can follow him on Twitter for contest and more HERE.

Check out what I won below and try not to drool too much on your keyboard.

Always been a prospector so this fits perfectly in the collection:

Despite being a Redskin, this is one great patch numbered to 25. Makes me miss Spx in NFL form even more!

I really liked all of the cards that I won but this one just stood out to me the most. Really like this card. I think it has to do with not only design and the swatch, but the history with it.

As always, comments are welcomed on this mail day. Let me know which card stands out to you as your favorite! 

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