Thursday, June 18, 2015

Baseball Inserts...Another Grady Mail Day Part 3

You have already seen some great cards in Part 1 and Part 2 of my most recent Grady mail day, but, as always, I slowly build up to the best of the best. Today's Part 3, is just another step in the final nice ending. Not that they all aren't nice, I just set some extra nice from the group aside.

These are pretty cool!

Gypsy Queen framed cards. Ellsbury one of the Yanks PC. Always enjoyed these.

Some more Donruss adds. Wonder if I have the Elite set yet lol

More inserts! The madness continues! I like the unique inserts that are in Allen and Ginter. That's probably why, other than Chrome, it's one of my favorite Topps products.

And we finish up this mail day with....CHROME!!!!! Anything with Chrome makes any mail day even better!
Some really nice additions for the Baseball insert PC. I just need to sit down and see if there are any sets I can start or complete. Of course that is always easier said than done.

Part 4 of this incredible mail day continues tomorrow!

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