Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gettin Dad Back In The Hobby

23 years ago or around then, my dad and I took a trip to a grocery store and for whatever reason bought a pack of cards on a rack that would forever change how we bonded.

Growing up, my father and I bonded through collecting. We bought, we sorted, we looked up and read the Beckett before bedtime, well that was a bit of a stretch but it was close to that. It's even what got me into sports and made me who I am today. But, that ended when I grew up and moved out. We split our joint collection, I kept and still have mine, he sold off his and paid some bills. We headed in two separate directions when it came to collecting cards. I continued to increase my collection, he lost all interest in it.

Up until six months ago, my father didn't have a single interest in collecting despite my constant start-up conversations, and some nagging too, when he called to say hi. Luckily one of our conversations must had finally clicked in his mind to try it again. So he took his usual weekly Walmart run with my mother and decided to pick up a few packs. And just like 23 years prior, something to do with opening up that pack brought him pure joy and instantly got him hooked all over again.

From there, he has been busting blaster boxes and packs for the last 6 months, no LCS so retail is the only way, like it was his last one. One of his obsessions was to 2014 Absolute football as he bought a TON of packs. However, his consistency did pay off for doing so as he pulled this beauty and texted me a pic....

An Eight Player Tools Of The Trade /20 featuring Mike Evans and my man Odell Beckham! What a retail hit! Bet he is glad I talked him back into it!

So for me, this Father's Day is a bit more special as I am excited that I got my father back into collecting again . I look forward to posting more of his hits down the road as he texts them to me. Now if only I could get him to text better pics....that's something that may take a bit more work as we all know how it works when someone a bit older is trying to learn how to use a phone for the first time :-)

While I have your attention to, I just wanted to say, HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all types of dads out there! Hope you have a great day and if you got cards as a gift, I am sending good mojo your way!


  1. That is quite the pull from retail. Congrats to your pops!

  2. Back in the day, my Dad (a huge Virginia Tech fan) was convinced that Jim Druckenmiller was gonna be the next Montana, and he amassed the single largest collection of Druck cards in existence! That was his one big foray into the hobby. He was always willing to stop at CVS or Walmart and let me buy some retail packs, though!

  3. That's awesome that you got your dad back into collecting. This is the kind of hobby that is best shared!