Saturday, June 20, 2015

More Shiny Stuff!! Another Grady Mail Day Part 5

Wait.....I am supposed to be blogging about caught up in all of the shiny goodness.

In every one of my Grady mail days, he always throws in a bunch of shiny stuff. It ranges from Donruss to Bowman to Prizm to Chrome. To me it doesn't matter which form it arrives, it still makes for a lot of fun.

Today's shiny stuff is only Part 1 of it. Tomorrow there is even more. So I put the focus with today's on the "odds and ends" of the shiny group. Tomorrow will be focused more on the Topps Chrome end of things. So be ready for that and in the meantime, don't get too distracted with today's shiny stuff.

Donruss brought a lot of shinyness to their product this year

My first taste of this years Bowman. Some pretty cool parallels and inserts

The one thing that can help Bowman football is making it shiny. These are much improved over the regular base. I could tolerate the product if they used these as the base cards.

Some fun stuff here. HUGE fan of the Rookies and Stars Crusades. Those are a thing of a beauty.

Some people just don't care about Prizm, well, if you don't, I will take them. The parallels are very impressive.

This was a very nice surprise. WWE Chrome refractors. I absolutely loved finding these in the mail day. A couple of big names also including Undertaker.

And to finish this up, a couple of very impressive parallels from Select football that will make your eyes cross.
Overall some awesome additions to my "shiny items" PC.

Like I said, this is only part 1 of the shiny stuff and part 2 will arrive tomorrow. The finale of my mail day from Grady M has even more!

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