Sunday, June 7, 2015

1997 Upper Deck Collectors Choice Football Factory Set

Awhile back, I posted an ARTICLE that mentioned how one of my former teachers contacted me and asked if I was interested in some of her son's cards and no doubt I was.Yesterday, I showed off a few more and today I am breaking down a set that I found in the lot. But believe me, there is still plenty more to show! I am just taking my sweet time.

Now onto today's post.

Collectors Choice. I will just come out and say what you and I are already thinking, boy do we miss it. In today's market options, there isn't a fun product for kids like Collector's Choice once was. A product that combined fun photography, stickers, shiny inserts, deep checklist, and most importantly a great price point.

This is a product ideal for all children to get interested in the hobby with and even one us adult collectors could appreciate the goodness of. I know breaking down this set brought me back. It also brought back the fury of Upper Deck not having an NFL license anymore, but we can save that topic for another day or a few.

Each set of 1997 Upper Deck Collectors Choice comes with 330 cards including 20 cards from the insert set, Turf Champions. You can find these sets under $10 unsealed or under $25 sealed.

Even with this being a very low end brand, Upper Deck as always never disappointed with the photography. This is just card #1 in the set.

Even the back has better photography than most of today's cards

After the base cards in the set, you find the rookies and 1997 wasn't too shabby with those. You can find big names like Corey Dillion, Warrick Dunn, and Jake Plummer.

After the rookies was the checklists. That's right, remember when Checklists in a product were a thing? Made it much easier to see who you were missing in your set and gave you an extra card of your favorite player.

One of the next parts of the set were the Names Of The Game subset. Obviously it was made up of...well....names of the game.

And as the outside of the box stated, there were 20 "Turf Champions" inserts. These two were my favorite....

Must say I like the design as well! A mostly wide-open approach with good photography and a touch of foil. Nice for a low-end brand.

I think this was just another great find within the lot I bought. A great looking set, good rookie cards and some bonus inserts. You also gotta throw in the 90's appeal to me and you have a definite winner for sure.

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