Monday, June 8, 2015

Breakin Wax:2014 Sage Hit Low Series Blaster

When you are checking out the card aisle at Walmart and find a markdown box at $12 with three autographs in it, how do you keep on walking? I stopped in my tracks and grabbed it.

Now, the Low Series didn't have my boy Odell, but it did have enough on the checklist worthy of a buy especially with the strong 2014 rookie class.

If you missed the first time I broke one of these, well, here is what a base card looks like as a refresher.

Now onto the autograph hits. Once again I didn't hit it too big with Sage Hit, but still can't argue with the price.

Overall, a lot of base cards and low end autographs but can't go wrong with the price and having extra base card rookies. I must reiterate however that every time I open one of these I wished that Sage had packed the autographs in the packs as opening up a lot of packs of base is not very exciting.

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