Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review:2015 Score Football

To me, this is always the first REAL football card release each year as it's one the NFL's firsts other than Bowman. But, not being a fan of Bowman, I always go straight for Score. I know I am always guaranteed well designed inserts, tons of base for a set, lots of rookies (my big aim) and just a good time. This years Score proved to be no different. I actually had so much fun, I ended up getting two hobby boxes and extra packs on the side. This one is for review purposes but stay tuned for the second one that I pulled a 1/1 in and possibly the breakdown of the extra packs too.

In every box of 2015 Score football, there are 24 packs with 12 cards per pack. So you know you will be getting your money worth. Each pack comes with a couple inserts and 2-3 rookies. Boxes will run you roughly $45 so spending a little on possible big return.

This years base cards like the last few years are done very well. The border on the cards, usually a problem for me, is done perfectly here acting more as a frame to the action shots than a bother. Some of the photos bring you back to certain moments on the field that you remember from last season. It also captures the raw emotion of the game.

More great photos here. I think we all remember watching this Antonio Brown foot kick to the face of the Browns punter.

The base also has most of the players with their new teams.

The rookie cards in the base set this year are massively improved. Gone are the head shots, in with the action shots. This change happened because of Panini's deal with a CLC license. This type of addition to the set massively improves this product and adds a bit of 90's flair to it as well. In all, there are 440 cards in the base set including 110 of these rookies.

Also, just in years past, there are photo variations. Most of them are easy to find and I found out that in your pack if you find a base card facing backwards in the middle of the pack, that's you variation. These are falling roughly one-per-box.

The thing with Score this year is that it's loaded with parallels. Even the photo variations have them! There are Blue Camo, Desert Camo, Green Camo, Night Camo. Here is a Peyton Manning one I found in my box. These as well fall one-per-box.

There are other parallels to find as well. In my two hobby boxes, I came up empty on them except my three Scorecards. These are unnumbered parallels as opposed to the others.

And speaking of parallels. HOLY MOLY  there are ton! There are parallels to EVERY SINGLE INSERT set. Each one of the following comes in Red, Green, Gold,and Black. It seems the black parallel is the toughest as you only find a couple of those per box. So for us team collectors, you could gather quite a few rainbows together.

There are some classic designs here as well along with some new ones. I am quite impressed myself. You get quite a mixture of regular and parallel inserts in every box.

All-Time Franchise

Sophomore Selections
Black parallel of Jarvis Landry!

Team Leaders

Gridiron Heritage
Loved this design. Totally throwback!

Black Derek Carr!

And the most fun insert of all....fun puzzle cards of top fantasy players you can make any combination of. Who would you put together as a team? You have Ground Gainers (RB), Precision Passers (QB) and Playmakers (WR). These have parallels as well as you can see. Blue Camo, Desert Camo, Green Camo,  and Night Camo like the one of Cam Newton I found.

In every box you are guaranteed at least one hit. I have seen some boxes online with an auto and a mem. My box came with a memorabilia card, game used too, of a trio of Chief defenders. Pretty cool for a low end product and second hardest other than a quad jersey. I like the design and layout as well.

N/A in this box
There are some top notch players to find for autographs such as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning along with all of the top rookies.

What can I say? As you can tell by my positive review, I am a huge fan of Score. This is not only fun for adults but a product that would be fun for kids as well. With a low end cost, big checklist throughout there is plenty to collect and be excited about in the 2015 version of Score football.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of this product, myself, and I agree that they have done a great job with the 2015 set. I even got a bonus hit out of one of my two hobby boxes! (I've also bought two blasters and some packs.) The Antonio Brown photo is AMAZING!!! I did find the various insert parallels a little confusing at first, but I've warmed up to them as I've pulled a couple more. This set definitely has the fun low-end factor, but with just enough to chase to make it interesting.