Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Breakin Wax:1995 Pacific Prism I Football 10-Pack Break

What amazes me is how long ago it was when I opened some of these retro packs. 1995, 20 years, what?! I felt like I just ripped into one of these just yesterday. Well, it literally was just one and definitely wasn't yesterday. But, when the opportunity arose to open up more than one and give it another go, I couldn't say no.

You must be wondering why I only opened one that many years ago. Well, I was shopping and came across a pack down the towel aisle. Yes, sounds strange, but that's where I found it. It was not only out of place, but when I picked it up I wanted it and possibly more so I checked the card aisle and found it was the only pack. Also sadly, this wasn't not only the only pack, but it had already been open. Luckily for me, the card was still inside and the player, a Joey Galloway rookie, was enough for me to buy it. At that time the book value for the Galloway was $10 so it was worth it in my mind.

So let's fast-forward to now where the packs came sealed and came with more than one.

In every pack of 1995 Pacific Prism football, came one card. Packs now run just under $2. At the time I bought mine I believe they ran around $5. You could say this was a high-end product in the 90's.

The base card designs looked spectacular. It was a split view card with an up close pic of the player on one side and the action shot of that player on the other. The cards were printed on rainbow foil line-embossed card stock. They look spectacular in person.

Back Of The Card

Here are some of the other players I got. Was a bit disappointed to get a double, but a couple of nice player hauls in Marcus Allen, Elvis Grbac and a rookie of Michael Westbrook not to mention the Seau above.

Also in the packs were these cards. Probably just fillers, but I kept 'em!

Overall, I liked the break. Nothing too huge for hits, but the reminiscing and the great colorful cards brought joy enough to me and that's all that matters.

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