Wednesday, October 18, 2017

TTM Legends

Once again, my mother-in-law came through with another awesome snag at an odds and ends store.

First up, a couple of plaques from the 90's I assume with some 90's cards included. Can't ever go wrong adding a Michael Jordan card.

The plaques are nicely done as well.

She also found a couple of autographs she thought I would appreciate for my growing non sports PC. They were signed on larger index cards of two of the bigger names in Hollywood. I guess the shop owner had quite a few of these index cards signed from a collection he had bought. 

For $7 each I think she did pretty well picking two I would like.

The first is from the great Alex Trebek! He has been the Jeopardy host for what...100 years??

The second is from the legendary, well I am pretty sure you can read it, Dick Van Dyke. I remember watching Diagnosis Murder with my grandmother. Of course Dick has been in many shows and movies as well and and is a legend.
I was pretty stoked to add the two autographs to my non-sport PC especially of legends that you may not get signatures from every day.

Thoughts on the adds are welcomed below!

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  1. One of my life goals is to win Jeopardy! some day. I love that Trebek auto.