Sunday, October 22, 2017

TTM:Tom Selleck

There is one place I go to for all of my TTM address wants, that's The Autograph Blog.

As many of you know, my Mother-In-Law really is a big supporter of my hobby and picks up cards whenever she finds them at yard sales, auctions and thrift shops.

One thing you might not know about her is that one of her favorite actors is Tom Selleck.

Tom to me will always be known as Magnum PI. For her, it means Jessie Stone and Blue Bloods.

So I thought it would be fun to surprise her and get this autograph for her birthday. So I contacted The Autograph Blog who hooked me up with an address to mail to and in three months, Tom returned it.
All I had was an index card sadly as I don't have the creative mind like Breakdown Cards, but it's still Tom and she was still really excited when I gave it to her. That's all that really mattered.


  1. That was good of you to do that for her! I have heard that Tom is really good with his fans, whether it's signing through the mail or people coming up to him in person. He's been on my list of people to try for awhile now.