Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Knocking Down Set Needs

Awhile ago, and I mean awhile, Greg over at The Collective Mind emailed me and mentioned he had some serious set help for my 1995 Stadium Club football and 2015 Score football sets.

This was my reaction. I am running for em!

However, all my fault that it took months, months and months for me to get my act together and dig out a return before I could say yes. But, I finally did it and we pulled off a trade (I still need to mail my end but it's at least packed up!!!)

And Greg mailed his out pretty quickly. It also just arrived as well.

A good handful of cards for Stadium Club

 including John Elway. Guess I didn't have him and didn't realize it.

 And the double sided Ground Attack. Always digging these foil cards and design.

Tons of Score base needs

 including Gridiron Heritage

 and Team Leaders.

I need to update my set needs on here with these in hand now, along with a few other sets I have added to as well, but this big mail day has me feeling....
 Boo Yeah!

Thanks again for the trade Greg and being so patient on my end. I promise next time we do a trade, I will be much faster especially if I re-organize the way I plan to.

I will be updating my set needs soon and also have a really cool idea on how to get them out there more as well. Stay tuned!

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  1. No worries, glad I could help you out. I'm never in a rush.