Monday, June 1, 2020

The Blogger Mail Days Roll In

I have been getting quite a few mail days in recently from fellow bloggers and once again, they are a huge help in continuing on this blogging streak I am on. I haven't missed a post in 8 years, going on 9 right now, and don't plan to. But, some days the ideas, mail days and steam hit a slow patch.

Then I pick up myself and drag on.

Despite some of these posts are not my best efforts, you want to see those go check out Coffee Over Cards, but some are. I need to do more effort here since this is my baby blog and the one I treasure the most even though sometimes a random card with no writing says otherwise.

So today I am putting words on this post along with some card pictures. So, it's still not my best, but it's an effort as opposed to some days.

First up, my mail day from Brian over at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary. He had another one of his Freebie Fridays and I grabbed on.

Football cards in the 90's, especially ones like this Bruce Smith, speak about what my collecting is mainly about. That Ultra design is awesome.

Thanks again Brian! I hope to send something your way as a thank you soon.

Next up, according the return address, a surprise mail day from the legendary Night Owl Cards.
Andre Brown. Lots of blue, love it.

I didn't have this Urshela for my Yanks PC

Or this Judge. I need to update my PC numbers for Aaron at some point. Been slacking on my NY Yankee card numbers.

Alright! Night Owl is da man. He must pay attention to my deep passion of Panini Americana 2015. I have the base set, working on the inserts, have a quite a few autographs/relics, and have most of the blue foil parallels and slowly been adding some of the red. Both of these are new.

This is a new one as well. I didn't know the inserts had foil parallels til I started getting a few from the blogosphere. They must have come in retail products as I busted a ton of hobby and never saw one.

Final card, an Angie Dickinson relic. Angie was in many shows and movies and even won a Golden Globe. This is a great relic for my Non Sport PC which continues to grow.

Thanks again Greg!

Final mail day is my BFG winnings from Johnny's Trading Spot. Even though I love to be apart of it, I either forget it's going on or get in the middle of a TV show/movie with the Mrs or even be cooking supper. I have yet to show up, so not sure I will join in again without being there and getting the boot. I prefer to be alert and there to actually participate.

I always enjoy an oddball selection of cards from the Minor Leagues. I have quite a few kicking around in boxes.

Thanks Johnny!

Thanks again to these wonderful bloggers and if you haven't checked any of them out, get on it! (another blogger mail day ahead tomorrow)


  1. Sign up for June is going on right now.

  2. Gary Owen? I guess it's off to Google...

  3. I thought Gary Owen was a comedian, I need to read the backs of those cards more carefully. Glad you got these!

  4. I really enjoy a lot of the Panini entertainer trading cards... especially the relic cards of Hollywood legends like Angie Dickinson.

    1. Agreed. Wished Panini would bring back a product like this. Of course I would worry it would be twice as much now with the hobby prices are going.