Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Cardboard Review:BCW LaserWeld 9-Pocket Pages

I had thought about posting some new Giants cards I have in drafts today, but after last night's embarrassing game topped off with the entire start of this season, I said, nah. Let's go to something else.

Instead, let's do a product review instead.

BCW announced not too long ago, that they had created a new 9-Pocket Page that is supposed to be top notch among all other pages.
And I tend to agree.

The pages are done by laser welding, which helps strengthen the page and keep if flat without bending. The heavy gauge polypropylene helps with that as well.

Upon first glance, the page is crystal clear and when you pick it up you can definitely tell the difference in thickness of the page.

Here are the pages side by side, the laserweld on the left and the regular on the right. I think you can see the difference in the pages immediately.

And when you add cards, the clarity stands out first. But what you guys can't see is how easy the cards slide in and it's not something I can show you, so you will have to take my word for.

Sometimes it's a struggle with some pages I have found to slide the cards in without causing some corner damage.

I know this is a short review as it's really hard to show much more when it comes to pages.

So, I thought I would include this video by BCW about these pages. Watch it here,

Overall, I really like this upgrade to the pages. Not just for the storage of cards, but I really think these will upgrade my PWE shipping as well because of the thickness.

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