Monday, October 6, 2014

Retail Break 'Em: 2014 Topps Football Mega Box

It's official, I found another great retail bust! I was walking around Walmart and decided to check out the card section that is usually poor. From a distance, it appeared to be that way again. But, as I got closer I noticed something different at the top of the rack that immediately caught my eye.

It was this......

THE TOPPS FOOTBALL MEGA BOX. It has a couple hobby packs, 3 exclusive CHROME rookie cards and seven Topps retail packs. It was also something I thought was well worth the $20 I spent for it.

The cool thing about this product is not just about the Chrome, it's about Valor. A product that hasn't even hit the market yet in hobby. The product is set to release in a few weeks so finding one of these boxes to bust is an early preview of what is to to come. So let' get to that early preview by busting what's in here.

First, let's bust the Topps packs:


Power Player..not worth me unlocking and a gold parallel to 2014.

Rookie cards including Bortles and a Giants PC one.

Now onto the two hobby packs of 2014 Topps Valor. Really hoping for some hits!

Pack 1. Just base cards. I will admit that I do like the look of Valor.

Pack 2 was loaded! Three rookie cards including Derek Carr and a 1:52 Valor parallel of Cody Lattimer numbered to 99.

 Now onto the Chrome cards. There are only 6 total cards in the set and they have refractor parallels to find as well. Not only did I find great players, but I pulled a refractor of Manziel!!
Overall, I was really happy about this break and felt like I got my moneys worth and left me wanting more. It was actually like eating a Lay's potato chip, I don't want to have just one. I really hope my Walmart keeps these stocked.

This is a great thing for us mostly retail collectors who may not be able to afford a hobby box. At least it gives us a shot at something. Kudos for Topps for it!

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