Thursday, February 5, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014 Bowman Draft Baseball Hobby Box Break

Bowman Draft is one of those products I had always wanted to try but never did, that is, til now.

For me this product isn't about the hits, its all about loading up on Prospects and rookies. Cause isn't that what the hobby is all about?

In every box of Bowman Draft baseball is 24 packs and 7 cards per pack. You will find 5 regular draft base and 2 chromed draft base per pack along with one autograph per box for under $50.

The base cards are as simple as can be. They are the usual Bowman type style with the white border around the edges with a main player focus. These players are all in fact prospects. Here are some of the better ones I got in my box including Correa, Meadows and Taillon.

Then FINALLY GOT MY FIRST KRIS BRYANT CARD! Been trying for months!

Best Chrome players I pulled. Was very weak for me in that area.

Blue parallel along with a blue refractor.

I thought these were a unique insert. Finally something that went outside the box. Pictures of players on draft night.

More inserts. I really like the 1989 Bowman Silver Diamond refractor. Quite impressive in person.

More Chrome...More likey!

Refractor parallels from my box

And my one hit. Not somebody I know, but doesn't mean it won't be somebody I know in a few years. My autograph was also a refractor making it a bit tougher of a pull.
Overall, a fun break. I really like the inserts and obviously the loading up on rookies. I think for the amount of cards you get and the fact they are all prospects, tie in the parallels and top it off with a prospect autograph, this is a great break for its price. I wouldn't mind going back again.


  1. I've bought quite a few singles on eBay, but haven't tried a box yet. Tried my luck with Bowman Chrome a few times, but didn't really amount to much.

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding to you, I originally replied to the comment on my blog and didn’t realize that wouldn’t go through to email. I don't see an email address for you so I'm replying here. You can email me at borosny at I had written: "I am definitely interested in newer cards. I'll set aside the basketball inserts for you, as well as the other sports (someone has claimed baseball inserts but if there are any multiples I'll set them aside for you). I see you are a Yankee and Giant fan - as am I. Are you in the NY area? I live on Long Island and work in Manhattan. If you are local we could do a big in-person trade and save on postage!"