Thursday, February 12, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014 Prestige Football Hobby Box #PaniniWildCard

All I can say is oooops! Way back in December I won a round of #PaniniWildCard on Twitter and NEVER showed my results. Well, for those of you I promised to show my break to, here it is!

My box contained this Beckham rookie I didn't have along with a Bridgewater Sp.

Parallels including a Extra Points gold numbered to 25 of Aldon Smith.

Inserts. Nice Big Board Of Teddy!

Another nice Teddy!


Draft Picks parallel numbered to 25

Second box of Prestige I have opened, second Wilder

Jenkins and Sam are in my boxes waaaaaaayy to often

And here was the coolest card of the box! Nice swatch!
Overall other than the rookie cards I got and the Sankey, not much to see here. I still am a fan of Prestige and this box helped fill some set needs but not sure if I would go back and try another after two poor turnouts.

With that being said however, I am still looking forward to 2015 Prestige!

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