Thursday, February 12, 2015

Breakin Wax:1995 Pro Line Classic Football 7 Pack Break

With it's fun inserts and exceptional base card photography, how could I not want to go back-in-time and give this stuff another break? So here is a 9 pack break!

I have two different types of packs here. The green wrapper is a jumbo pack that came with 16 cards and two NFL POG team cards in every pack. The red wrapper comes with 10 cards and an Game Breaker insert in every pack.

The base cards are superb! Great photography and the design at the bottom is nice as well.

Even the back of the card looks nice

My rookie cards from my pack. I miss the days when we would get college rookies in NFL products. Much better than the photoshopping we get now.

Silver parallels

Gamebreakers insert

POGs! If you are from the 90's, you know exactly what these are!

And a nice pull here at 1:96 packs!!! A Classic Basketball Preview card. Yes, I did find it a bit odd to find one of these in the product. But, a tough pull none-the-less.
Overall, can't argue with a decent break like this and finding these packs under $2 is also a big help. I still like the base cards a lot so that was a quick sell to me. I know many toss their base in today's collecting, but I don't especially when they are done right.

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