Sunday, February 1, 2015

Breakin Wax:1998-1999 Finest Basketball Series 1 Pack Break

In today's edition of Breakin Wax, I am busting a pack of 90's Finest. These were some of the Finest, Finest ever. Wow, that was deep lol.

In each pack of 1998-1999 Finest basketball is 6 cards. Packs run roughly around $3. There were some key rookies, not in this series however but in Series 2 such as Paul Pierce, Vince Carter and Dirk. Refractor parallels to find in both series .

The base cards were simple. A chrome approach with some action photos and a name written down the side. I liked that they left the card open for photography. Just check out the Charles Outlaw below.

There was also a covering on the cards that was a peelable protector that I always left on.I think for me it wasn't to protect the cards as much as it was my hobby OCD.

Best two cards from my pack. Can't go wrong with The Admiral and Barkley.
Overall, not too bad. I didn't find any rookies because Series 1 didn't have any, but did get a couple of good players. I also wished I could have pulled a refractor, but maybe next time :)

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  1. There were no rookies in series 1 packs. Pretty sure they did two series that year. I have not opened any packs since probably 2000, though, so I can't remember for sure.

    I never really liked this year's set. I don't know's just not a favorite Finest set. The coverless parallels were a one year only issue. Unfortunately there were printed on plastic and have gotten kind of sticky.