Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Breakin Wax:2000 Topps Tek Baseball Pack Break

Topps Tek brings many things to the table. One, it brings some pretty sick base cards. Two, it brings tek-nology that the hobby hasn't seen. Three, it brings some major headaches and confusion if you don't know what you are looking for.

Each pack of 2000 Topps Tek baseball comes with 4 cards printed on acetate-type material. Like I am about to explain, the pack will be made up of many different cards including Sp's and possible inserts.

2000 Topps Tek is only a 45 base card set. However, it has 20 different background variations. A master base set, which contains 20 different patterns for each of the 40 players, is 900 total cards. Yes, you read that right, 900. That is crazy and trying to figure out each card can be challenging. The best thing to do is read the paperwork that is included in the pack. That's how I figured mine out.

Jim Thome signature background

Batting Avg background

MLB logo background on this nice El Duque PC add

And then I pulled an ArchiTEK insert of Larry Walker. These fall 1:5 packs.
Overall, some really nice cards. I like the designs and I think as a whole, despite the confusion and headaches the backgrounds may cause, they would make for one great chase. Especially for player collectors.


  1. You know your cards are complicated when they come with a manual!

    How much are packs being sold for today?