Wednesday, December 18, 2019

My First Puchase On COMC

I know, I know.

While the rest of you buy and sell on COMC, I have yet to experience anything about the site. Mostly because I don't have the funds and I don't sell cards to get any. It's a lose all situation.

But, about a month ago, I entered a contest on the COMC Facebook page for a $20 gift card and won!Whoa funds! I could finally see what the talk was all about.

So I went to the COMC website and made myself an account for them to deposit the $20 into. Once the money was there. It was shopping time.

There was many cards to choose from but I knew I would tackle the Rodney Hamptons first and see how many I could get. From the looks of it, three. But, I needed to figure out how to add them into a cart or how to purchase them using the credit that had been deposited.

After a couple time walk through with @Jake1725, I was finally able to get things figured out and found the site much easier to use afterwards. I was not only able to snag the three Rodney Hamptons, which I will show off at some point in his own segment, but I was able to help some set needs as well. Prices are SOOOOOO MUCH more affordable on the website than on eBay through COMC where I have wasted funds in the past on.

Here were my other pickups,

Tyrone Wheatley Summit Ground Zero. How did I not already have this one?!

Bam Morris Offensive Weapons 1995 Ground Zero

Darnay Scott Ground Zero

Curtis Conway Ground Zero

I could have kept going with the Ground Zero but decided to look at other sets needs. I realized I was only three away from my 1995 Summit Rookie Summit set and would you look at that, they had them and had them where I could use the rest of the funds except 30 cents to grab them with.

Todd Collins

Kevin Carter

And Slash Stewart. Happy to finally see this set done.

Well, there you  have it minus some Rodney Hamptons coming up in future posts.

I found most of the prices reasonable, I liked the Make Offer option on the site which I did put to use for the Rodney's, and combined shipping no matter how much you buy is always a winner.

Hopefully down the road I will be able to buy more from there when I get more funds to do so with.

How about you guys? What was your first purchase on COMC? Do you buy/sell on there?


  1. You really need to get on the Trading Card Database. There are more than 100 different Rodney Hampton cards available for trade. Most members don't mind doing PWE trades either.

    1. I have tried multiple times to set up an account and the verify confirmation email won't send to me. I even tried two different emails. The problem I have with the site is I dont' want to waste time to upload all of my cards onto it as I have all of mine on other checklists already.

    2. But I was trying to get an acct to see what Rodney Hamptons they had or other 90's insert needs then maybe I would at least trade on there.

  2. Nice pickups. My first COMC order was about 10? years ago it was mostly football from the 2007 Donruss (When Donruss was still their own company) Classics Football to complete my base set. Since then I have only ordered a few times, but in recent years built up a little pile of purchased cards "to be shipped" and a huge watch list. Now I am currently waiting on a couple of shipments from COMC. I cleared out my large longtime stale watch list of 50-some cards, plus 14 cards I had purchased over the last 2 or 3 years waiting "to be shipped". The 14 cards that were on my purchased list (and I bought with my existing credit balance) are supposedly being delivered today. The other lot I bought using one of my credit cards. When I went to check out I couldn't combine the two lots ARGH. Those cards will supposedly arrive Monday Dec 23.

    1. OH I was going to comment on the Kevin Carter card. I always wonder with shots like that if they were done in a studio (probably) or done on a field with plenty of landing mats available.

    2. Yikes cutting that eon close to Christmas. All of the cards in that set with Kevin Carter are done like that. Can you imagine if a player got injured doing a photo shoot...

  3. 25% difference between your ComC account and not being logged in to it via Ebay.

    1. It's a huge one. Some Rodney's are $20 on there and only $8 on the site.

  4. Wheatley and 90s inserts? I'm sold! If you're patient about shipping your cards COMC is often way better than eBay.

    1. I just never have the cash most of the time. Guess I need to win some more contests lol

  5. Years ago, I sold on there. Never shipped any cards to them though... I'd buy and flip which gave me spending money for their site. I think it's so cool that they keep a record of all of your purchases. Looks like I made my first purchase back on November 30th, 2009. It was a 1994 Flair Wave of the Future card of Marshall Faulk for 30¢.