Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Ending 2019 With A Bang!

2019 wasn't as big of a year as 2018 was for me with card adds, but it wasn't the worst year I ever had either. I was able to at least cross some needs off from my checklist and some of that was from help with others.

One of them that helped me knock a few cards down was my buddy @StephenJFurlong recently.

Some Rodney's that were on my want list

Kerry Collins Starting Lineup. I believe he only has two so I am only one away from having both now. This is believed to be his rookie one.

And finally, a Fred Taylor autograph. Fred has been on my list for a couple of years as a 90's guy I have been needing. I really loved watching Fred run and the Jags were my second favorite team in the 90's so it was an obvious need. I also like Fred's signature and added jersey number. Gavin, from Baseball Card Breakdown blog may also take note this is a "Christmas Card".

Glad to finally cross Taylor's autograph off but still have many more to go!

Thanks @StephenJFurlong for the mail day! I know there is more on the way but I will post that at a later date.

Up next, generosity was shown to me to end the year as @heyitsTMurph grabbed a card for me that @BrilliantCards had for sale on Twitter as a Christmas gift. It was a dual booklet autograph featuring a NY Giant and that other NY team.


Shonn Greene on one side

Andre Brown on the other. He actually signed his on the patch. My hope is that the autograph don't fade over time. I have a couple Letterman signed by Brown and they have faded badly on the fabric that hasn't seen the light of day.

This marks only my third Giants booklet in my collection. Thanks @heyitsTMurph for the mail day!

And finally, my last trade of 2019, I did have one trade before this one which I plan to show tomorrow, but this was the literally final one of 2019 and was done with my buddy @CrattyPatty25 who posted some Lamar Jacksons FS/FT.

And knowing me, I had to have them. It's a very, very small slight side PC I have.
First Down parallel /99

 Timeless Tributes /99 parallel

Bonus card he nicely tossed in!

I am still looking for an autograph card of Lamar and Mahomes but doubt I will ever be able to get one at this point.

Thanks for the trade @CrattyPatty25 and here's to more in 2020.

I hope all of you have a Happy, safe New Years Eve. Don't make stupid decisions like being under the influence and driving. Be smart, be safe and see you next year! (I plan to be in bed by 9:30 like usual)


  1. Happy New Year! Sweet Lamar rookie parallel! I didn't realize that 2018 was his rookie year. I guess I should dig through my stuff to see if I have a rookie card of him.

  2. Good post and cards. Nice auto book but tough when the 2nd half is of a rival team.

    1. I know. It's not like I can take the scissors to it haha

  3. In a few weeks I'll be at a place that usually has a lot of SLU's (in package), so I could look for whatever you're in need of Collins, Hampton, etc. So if you want to let me know which one's you need, maybe do it via a DM on Twitter, that way I can quickly find the list when I'm there.