Saturday, December 14, 2019

$25 A Week Challenge Week 6:LIVE With Regis And Daniel

For the second week in a row, my pickups are all over the place and have not theme. Not to mention, there was one bigger card that ate up a good portion of my funds.

For the past two years, my one theme for collecting has been picking up childhood memories. Whether that's toys, autographs of figures I knew, or simply products I once collected.

One of the shows that popped up often on my TV growing up was LIVE with Regis and Kathy Lee that ran for 12 seasons. It was a fun talk show with many guests. I always enjoyed Regis and felt he was kind of an icon for what he did. When I saw that he was a Yankees fan and was in the 2004 Donruss Studio Fans Of The Game I had to get one. Most Regis autos list at $20 or higher, but I found one for exactly $20 and free shipping.

With Regis only leaving me $5 to spend, I found this auction for a Ximines auto for $2 and free shipping. Was my first auto of his at the time.

Then I found a Daniel Jones listing for free shipping and I threw a $3 offer at them and they took it. Nice 2019 Prestige Xtra Points Green parallel.

And this week for the first time in this series, I spent exactly $25.

Thoughts on this weeks pickups are welcomed and let me know what you would have grabbed this week for $25 in comments!


  1. Nice screwdown! I remember putting my most expensive cards in those back in the day. Most of my money this week was spent on a set that I'm building. I'll be writing up a post as soon as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. It came in the screwdown, I don't trust them well and will probably move it out.