Monday, December 16, 2019

Psych:The Chase Set Completion

It's been over a year since I have whispered the words Psych on here. That's because I had finished the autograph set last September, which you can see HERE

However, I felt finishing the autograph set and the base sets for both series wasn't enough. I needed to do more. I needed to finish what I had started and coming as far as I had, it shouldn't be any harder....right?

Well, it wasn't to a certain extent. I had grabbed every missing piece I could and probably even overpaid for some but I wanted to do this and almost had everything complete until I couldn't find one card. ONE CARD. Why does this always happen?! It happened to me with both autograph sets for Psych and even happened for my Ghostbusters autograph one.

So once again, I hired the Card finding Guru Wes and once again, the man came through.

These acetate Character cards are not easy pulls which made them really hard finds. But, one way or another, Wes found a way and brought home the one missing piece in the Burton Guster C2 Character Bio acetate. Good luck to the rest of you trying to hunt these down now.

Here are all 6 acetate cards together.

Here is the foil Character Cards

Henry's Wisdom 9 card set

Psych Undercover 9 card set

Psychic Moments 9 card set

Psych The Musical 6 card set

And the first series of Psych Undercover 9 card set.

BOOM! Mission Completed. Or was it completely yet. Come back tomorrow for an even bigger adventure I took in Psych.


  1. Wait..there are more cards in the Psych collection? This is already an impressive lot here.

    I might have to hire Wes to track down some hard to find singles for my PC :)

  2. Congratulations! Wes is like the Boba Fett of our hobby.

  3. Too cool. Now I want these. Thanks a lot...