Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Psych:The Complete Autograph Collection

After 5 grueling long years of knocking down one or two cards at a time, here is finally the complete autograph collection of Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-8.

This has been a long journey of ups and downs and time of trial. But, with lots of help from friends and family, my once long dream turned into a reality.

I need to thank quite a few for their help with this project with the biggest thanks going out to @90sNicheFBCard, who helped me a ton with these sets picking up the key cards. Another thanks goes out to my wife who helped add some of these as well. Other thanks goes out to @Jake1725 and @ShaneSalmonson who organized a birthday gift for me with help from others as well that deserve thank yous and landed me the biggest card I needed for the first seasons. Then of course a huge thanks for Wes for tracking down the final piece of the puzzle.

There were lots of fun names in both sets and even if I wasn't a fan of Psych like I am, I may have sought some of these names just to have it for my non sport PC.

Let's take a gander at the Seasons 5-8 set that I accomplished first. There are 26 cards in the set including a dual autograph of the main characters. There are plenty of great names in this set including Ralph Macchio, Jason Priestly, Diedrich Bader,French Stewart,

Anthony Anderson, and Val Kilmer just to name a few.

The Seasons 5-8 set was a tad easier to build with autographs falling 3 per box. They were much more plentiful. My biggest challenge was landing the dual autograph in the picture above which @90sNicheFBCard ended up finding for me.

The Seasons 1-4 set I almost didn't bother with. The autographs fell 1 per box which brought the pricing well beyond my budget. But, once I got the James Roday as my birthday gift, I started to slowly chip away through trades. Then came the final piece that Wes snagged and I was simply amazed that this all came together.

Once again, some fun names in here like Rachel Leigh Cook, Jaleel White,


And George Takei which I think is still my favorite autograph of the group in this set.

There are 37 autographs in total in both seasons and you just saw them all. Originally there was supposed to be 38 but I believe the lead girl in the show who was James Roday's girlfriend in real life I believe as well at one point, Maggie Lawson must not have wanted to do it so they never replaced her card in the set.

There were a few other characters I wished they could have had autographs of in the set, but sadly the show has ended so I don't ever to expect to see a Anthony Michael Hall or Cybill Shepherd or especially a Cary Elwes autograph. His character was iconic in the series as Pierre Despereaux.

Just because I am done with the Psych autograph series doesn't mean I am done with Psych. I still have lots of needs for the relics and still plenty of insert needs that need to be knocked off. I am hoping once again with the support of friends and family, we can make this happen. 

Once again thank you to all of you who played a role in helping me build this set. It means a lot to be apart of this great hobby community.


  1. Congratulations! Completing any set is an accomplishment, but to complete an autograph set (or two) is just...

    1. Thanks! It’s took a lot of dedication and trades to pull it all off

  2. *Slow Clap*
    *Rising to feet*
    *Wild applause*

  3. Congrats! I've never seen the show, but this looks so daunting!

  4. So awesome to see them all in one post...congrats sir!

  5. Completing a 37 card autograph set is straight up amazing. Especially with some of the star power on the two checklists. Congratulations!

    1. I know. The star power in this set was impressive. So glad I was able to put it together despite all of that

  6. Congrats! Glad I could help a tiny bit by being one of the guys who chipped in for the b-day gift. I've slowly been watching thru the show on Amazon Prime.. I like it. Too bad Maggie Lawson doesn't have an auto.. such a cutie. The only of these autos I've got is Curt Smith because I'm a big Tears For Fears fan, but I wouldn't mind adding some of these others someday.. lots of great guest-stars.

    1. Thanks for your part! Yes the Curt Smith I was as well glad to add because of the tears for fears