Monday, September 24, 2018

REVIEW:2018 Panini Unparalleled Football

If you are a fan of shiny, boy, do I have a product for you!

Unparalleled makes its return in 2018 still coming packed with all that shiny-goodness it provided us in 2017.

Let's take a look at the 2018 release:
In every box of 2018 Panini Unparalleled football there are 8 packs per box with 8 cards per pack. Boxes come with 2 autographs and 1 memorabilia card per. Boxes currently run $95-$100. It's really not a bad pricing point for what you get.

The base set has 300 cards. 200 of those are veterans and 100 are rookies. The fun thing about the base set is that it includes players without an official NFL card yet. Usually first time players on cards defines them as rookie cards even if they have been in the league for seven years. Last year that was the case with Giants DT Damon Harrison. This year, well, they added a ton.

The base set looks like a glittery sparkle like these two.

The base rookie cards have a landscape layout and look like this with the bubbles background.

After base comes the really in-depth parallels. Luckily for us this year Panini put the writing on the back of which parallel is which instead of us hurting our eyes to define them.

Here is the Superplaid parallel /150,

Notice where it says what parallel it is just above the Panini logo on the card

Whirl. This one makes sense. These are numbered to 100.

Shine. Not numbered.

Flight. Not numbered either.

Impact is numbered to 75

Astral of my boy is numbered to 200

Other parallels to find are, 
  • Galactic SSP (1 per case)
  • Hyper /25
  • Fireworks /5
  • Burst 1/1
The inserts stick with the theme of the product with super shiny finds. Inserts come with the following parallels as well, Astral /200, Whirl /100, Hyper /25, and Burst 1/1.

Bright Future of Evan Engram. I hope this guy can pick it up this year.

High Flyers Cooper Kupp

Rookie Focus. Wonder when this guy will hit the field?

Victorious. Melvin Gordon is the parallel. Just look at the Malhommes.

Pioneers. Those tough guys that made the game the way it was.

Now onto the hits. One thing I found out fast is that Unparalleled takes regular looking hits and hits a home run with them.

Most hits have the following parallels, Whirl /50, Hyper /25 and Burst 1/1.

Rookie Focus. Not a bad one here with Chubb. But the swatch is so small and awkward on it despite the great look.

Dallas Goedert rookie auto. Second time I have found this guy this year.

And Tre'quan Smith. Never heard of him but it's nice layout and design on the autograph relics.

Other hits not found in my break but could be in yours include,
  • Pioneer Penmanship
  • Star Signatures
  • Undeniable Autographs
  • Bright Futures Memorabilia
  • High Flyers Memorabilia
  • Victorious Memorabilia
OVERALL: Well, my box break wasn't the best. Hits were a tad weak but that can happen with any box break Of course any box break with rookies can change that if they become super stars.

Speaking of superstars, plenty of those to find in here. Not just the rookie ones either.

The overall product looks super cool if you are into this kind of thing. My pictures on the blog doesn't near capture what they look like in person. Honestly to me, the base set looks better than it's parallels.

Please take a minute out to thank Tracy Hackler and Panini America for providing this box to review. By providing this box to review, this insures some of the cards above will end up in your hands when I run my NFL promo coming up soon! Please follow Panini on all social media sites and Tracy Hackler on Twitter. You can check out Panini's official website, HERE


  1. Thanks to Tracy for your review box.

    What a beautiful Rookie Focus Mayfield you pulled! :)

  2. I like the back of the cards ! Very clear !

  3. Great review. Love both of those Chubb cards! Congrats on the Barkley parallel!

  4. I like the idea that they included cards of veterans who haven't had cards yet. With so many guys on an NFL roster, some guys are bound to never have a trading card. I think it's cool that Panini is going out of their way to address and resolve this.

  5. Thanks to you and Panini for the cards, and to you for showing the backs! I like that some veterans are starting to get cards too, but I'd assume those would come in the lower end sets.

  6. Also I like that they are using players in this set that have not been in sets before so for me a collector who wants to get cards sign on my own in person this is great for some variety and not the same 5-6 guys from every time in every set. Thanks PAnini and Tracy for the box.