Monday, December 23, 2019

Just Before The Holidays

Today, yes I am actually posting a mail day that arrived on the day it did for once, I got two unsuspected packages-well one I partially knew about-just in time for the holidays. Both senders had greeted me with a Merry Christmas in their envelopes so thought I would get this up before Christmas ends.

First up, a surprise of a surprise Christmas mail day from @CrattyPatty25 who I just also pulled off a trade with.

A few Star Wars cards I didn't have. Believe it or not, I haven't seen any of the new movies. I am still stuck on Episode 6. I just fear that I won't like them as my favorite movies are the originals, which turned out to be Episodes 4-6 but anyways that's where I stand with them.

 Jeff Gordon

 A set need

Gary Sheffield Upper Deck card

Black Gold football cards. I may actually need this exchange card for my Hampton collection. I will have to double check

Some more from the set including Favre. I like the desing and sparkle

 And my boy Rodney, that I do have.

Jacoby Ellsbury who I just wished the Yanks would just cut. Too much money for a guy just to sit injured. One of their worst signings ever.

 Aaron Judge rookie card

Strahan Gold Team

Star Quest cards. I remember chasing these and collecting them in the 90's. I can't repeat enough how much I miss those days.

And the final card, yes I know it's the Redskins, is Matthew Berry who I like listening to as a Fantasy Football expert.

Thanks to Cratty for the mail day!

Next up, a partial surprise mail day, he mentioned he had sent me a few things yesterday, from @MetallicarlUCT on Twitter who I met through the giveaway Tweet from @ngtcollectibles awhile back. Really nice guy.

He noticed I had started a Kerry Collins PC started up and passed some along.

 While also tossing in a Rodney Hampton card. I will have to double check on this one.

 Same goes for this set help. I am creeping like a newborn towards this set.

1995 Pinnacle rookie that can be used for both set and Collins PC

 Upper Deck rookie! I wanted this one as it's one of the rookies I didn't have. Now I do.

And then comes a Prism parallel /500. Beautiful card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big thanks goes out to @MetallicarlUCT for the cards! I hope you enjoy the return I sent you as well. It hit the mail box today.

It stills blows me away the amazing collectors I have met through the hobby especially via Twitter. If you aren't following either of these guys, strongly suggest it!


  1. That Collins Prism is absolutely gorgeous, that alone would've made for a pretty awesome Christmas present!

  2. If you're a fan of Star Wars, then I'd recommend seeing the last few movies. You won't know if you like them or not until you give it a shot.