Sunday, December 1, 2019

Breakin' Wax:2019-2020 Panini Prizm Basketball Rack Box (HIT!)

I told myself I wouldn't....I told myself not to....I told myself there are better things....I told myself well...I told myself how could I not...I told myself it's in my hands...I told myself it's in the cart....I told myself I have bought it...I told myself guess it's time to open it.

I was hoping I wouldn't fall into the Prizm warp like every other collector has, but I did. I still fell into it. Everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE, on Twitter was buying up every single piece of retail Prizm they could and here I was sitting back watching the action.

That's until my wife went Black Friday shopping. She didn't get what she had wanted, which was one of those DVD tablets for our cousins because they had sold out, but on the way out of disappointment she found this hanger box for me. Luckily I don't have collectors nearby so there was plenty of hanger boxes and packs left. For now anyways. The blaster boxes did sell out.

In every hanger box, there is 20 cards. 20. Along with 4 Orange Cracked Ice parallels. No guarantees other than that, but it was going to be a fun short $10 bust.

However, I didn't pull any good rookies. I pulled one or two and never heard of them as opposed to my father who bought a hanger pack and landed the Zion. Sigh.

Emergent insert

 NBA Finalists Kobe Bryant

 LeBron James NBA Finalists silver prizm parallel

John Collins Silver Prizm

 Josh Richardson green/blue Prizm. That's at least the colors I see anyways lol

 Grant Williams Orange Cracked ice. These look good.

Ray Allen

 Damian Lillard

 Courtney Lee

And to my surprise when I opened the pack, I could see a thicker card in the middle and saved that for last just hoping it was something special......
Well, not anyone or even a name I bet I can't announce properly but I really dig the design and the card looks spectacular in person. I will give it that.

Well, a surprise hit is always nice. Wished I could have gotten a decent rookie but I will take what I did get and it was fun. To me, fun is all that really matters. However, it left me wanting another and I am not sure when I will make it back to Walmart. It may be too late already.

I will throw in a tiny bit more of a tidbit of thoughts, but is it me or does it seem that Panini really flooded Prizm basketball retail out there this year? I mean my lousy Walmart had three flats, THREE flats full of it which is a ton compared to any other release. And doesn't it feel like a lot of collectors are hitting Zions and Zion Prizms? I worry it's going to drive this product down with so many being hit and the biggest thing about this product is it's value. Will it hold overtime with so much out there right now and are collectors like myself falling for the trap not really thinking about the long term on it. Time can only tell. But, right now, this product is the hottest thing out there.

So how about you guys? Did you bust any Prizm basketball? How did you do?


  1. pronounced Bowl Bowl and is Manute's son yep this is a hit or miss product and I think this was a miss box..... for profit anyway if you collect B-ball then doesn't really matter if looking to flip or sell and profit not so much than. I haven't ripped any and looking forward the big hits will probably hold value and you will find G-leaguers and aslo rans in dime boxes soon.

    1. I don't even collect basketball. Just felt the need to have some. I don't plan to flip, same goes with any cards I buy

  2. I didn't want to mention it on Twitter, but yeah, I think Panini has upped the production this year, which seems to have included plenty of Zion's, at least this is the impression that I've gotten from what I've seen on Twitter. I'm glad I'm not one of the people being tempted to buy any of this, or "investing" in any of young Zion's cards. By the by, if they're not something that you're looking to keep, maybe you could set aside the Ray Allen and Damian Lillard cards for your old friend, Jon?

    P.S. Keep a close eye on your mailbox this week :)

    1. Set them aside my friend! I look forward to the package :)

    2. And I am glad I wasn't alone in thinking this. I mean, there has been an overabundance of posts on it. They knew about Zion and took advantage knowing collectors would be all over this product trying to pull him and flip him. Problem is, there are too many out there and prices I have noticed have dipped. I hope other collectors are seeing the fact there is a ton of this out there.

  3. My friends were talking about Prizm at the flea market, but I haven't bought any. When I hit up Target... I'm usually focused on baseball. Maybe I should look for Prizm to flip ;)

    1. I am usually focused on football only, but I had to follow the latest craze.

  4. I didn't realize Bol Bol had cards out. I need to track down some of them. I have a decent collection of his late father's cards.

    1. Now it gives you a reason to find Prizm. It's funny how this product attacks any of us