Saturday, December 28, 2019

$25 A Week Challenge: A Giant Pick Up

Well I hope you guys have enjoyed this new segment towards the end of the year, I hope it can continue through next year as well!

For the final $25 purchase of 2019, I went NY Giants.

With so much disappointment in this team in 2019, I have been able to grab some cheap cards of some of their top players as prices have dipped some.

Today's lot I felt I got for an absolute steal. Of course I got it from a seller who didn't have many transactions with less than 20 which is totally against my normal. I usually go for buyers over 100 and they have to be at least 98% rating as well. I don't want to be ripped off and haven't been yet because of my rule. But, I have also missed out on some deals.

Not this time.

This lot was originally listed as a Saquon Barkley lot but it had a few nice bonuses in it that were the deal makers for me.

Like this 2019 Saquon lot, I do have them all but hey why not.

However these are all new to me and includes a blue press proof parallel.

Saquon rookies. Prizm is the hottest rookie card out there for base card rookies so can't go wrong with another one of Saquon. The Luminance and Passport ones I didn't have.

More Saquon rookies. I have most.

But not this rookie numbered to 399.

Or this Playoff Red Zone parallel

Or even this Optic rookie.

The lot alone right there felt worth it but then came the extras

Evan Engram relic

Saquon Barkley Certified New Generation Orange /299 relic

Whaaaa DeSean Hamilton (whoever that is) and Saquon Barkely dual relic from Immaculate. Can you imagine how much this must have been last year?

This one was interesting. Sterling Shepard auto? Sterling usually signs his name S.Shepard but I noticed that some of the Select autographs from this year were full names. Just kind of curious to me whether these are real or not.

And finally a Jeremy Shockey signed Elements metal autograph numbered to 99.

All of this....was for $25 and $3 shipping til I made an offer of $20 that was accepted! So all of this was for $20 and $3 shipping for this weeks grand total of $23. $23!!

More great pickups to show off in 2020. It felt weird and looks weird typing that out.


  1. Great segment and you got lots of value here, nice job!

  2. That's a great lot of G-men! I love anything Immaculate like the Saquon and Hamilton (I've never heard of him, either) and the Shepard auto is really nice. I have to assume it's legit, maybe he just grew tired of signing his full name after a while.

    1. He could of. I actually like his newer signed versions more. I just think it looks funny seeing it written fully out.

  3. Tons of great stuff here! Love the Saquon Optic, so classic.

  4. Great lot. I've never been scared away from sellers with a low feedback score. I figure these guys have to start somewhere... and if there's an issue... eBay will just refund my money.

    1. How much of a pain is that though? I have never been one for risks with stuff like that.