Saturday, December 7, 2019

$25 A Week Challenge Week 5: Playing In Dirt

Welcome back to another week of pickups by me!

Let's see where I put my hard earned moola this week.

Found this 1999 Black Diamond pack with free shipping and at $4 a pack, can't go wrong with that. I will reveal how I did in another post as I did bust this one.

Yes, Yes I did. I finally found an affordable Mandy Moore relic from PopCardz as I have mentioned before on here, my mad crush for her.

For $5 and free shipping, I couldn't go wrong.

Awhile ago, Fuji had posted that there was a unique relic in 1996 I hadn't heard about before but I felt I needed after seeing his post. It's a 1996 Fleer Ultra Diamond Dust relic featuring Cal Ripken Jr. The relic contains dirt from Camden and has a guarantee by the heads groundskeeper. It's dirt from his historic 1995 season.

Most were listed at BIN at $29 which overdoes my budget and wouldn't fit into this post.

But, when I saw one listed as an auction, I took a chance and won it at $9.55 with $4 shipping. I think it was $14 well spent.

This weeks grand total is $22.55. I stayed well under budget but that's only because of the wiggle room from the Ripken going for less than I expected.

So thoughts on this weeks pickups are welcomed and I am curious what you would have done this week with $25?


  1. Glad you picked up an affordable Ripken dirt card. It's definitely a unique collectible that was kinda forgotten over the years. Lol. Kinda like Mandy Moore ;) Just kidding. Believe it or not, I actually own that card too. I built that 2008 PopCardz relic set a few years ago. Not exactly proud of that.

    1. ACtually I think thats kinda cool lol. How can you forget about Mandy lol

  2. As per usual, it'll be interesting to see the contents of that pack.