Tuesday, December 3, 2019

CARDBOARD REVIEW:2019 Panini Immaculate Football

Oh boy, oh boy.

When I got my chance to review a box, well, tin of Immaculate football, I had no idea what to do. Should I touch it? Should I stare at it? Should I get some rubber gloves out like I saw other collectors do? It's a really high end product I never have seen in person with boxes or even single cards.

Instead, I had my wife open it carefully. I thought she would be the better of the two of us to do so. She also gave me some of her feedback on the cards which I will incorporate into this review.

So let's check it out.

Every box, tin, of 2019 Immaculate NFL Football collection comes with 6 cards. Five of those are hits and one is a numbered base or parallel. Boxes run.....$375-$400.....

There are 100 cards in the base set with a nice mix of veterans and legends of the game. I like the base design, thick card with simple design on a single player focus.

There are also parallels of Emerald FOTL /20, Gold /5, Platinum 1/1.

And 40 base rookie patch autographs with all the star players and some not so much.

Well, for the price of the box, I wouldn't say the hits were the best in this break,

Wil Grier Patch Autograph. I love the look and feel of this card. Has a plastic coating to it.

John Randle Eye Black autograph

Peyton Manning Triple Jersey Relic. My wife considered this to be the best hit of the box.

Alexancer Mattison eye black jersey auto

Kyle Rudolph name plate.

I must also note that all of the above relics are player worn. PLAYER WORN.

Other hits not found in my break but could be in yours includes,
  • Rookie Patch Autographs
  • Premium Patch Autograph
  • Immaculate Careers Autograph
  • Immaculate Draft Class Signatures
  • Immaculate Eye Black Jersey
  • Immaculate Eye Black Duals
  • Immaculate Eye Black Triples
  • Immaculate HOF Signatures
  • Immaculate Honors Signatures
  • Immaculate Marks of Greatness
  • Immaculate Moments Autographs
  • Immaculate Numbers
  • Immaculate Numbers Rookie Patch Autographs
  • Immaculate Players Collection Autographs
  • Immaculate Pro Bowl Signatures
  • Immaculate Records
  • Immaculate Rings Signatures
  • Immaculate Seasons Signatures
  • Immaculate Shadowbox Signatures
  • Immaculate Rookies Shadowbox Signatures
  • Immaculate Signature Patches Rookie
  • Signature Moves
  • Immaculate Dual Autographs
  • Immaculate Trios Autographs
  • Immaculate Authentics Relics
  • Immaculate Rookie Authentics
  • Immaculate Dual Jerseys
  • Immaculate Dual Jersey Combos
  • Immaculate Dual NFL Shields
  • Immaculate Gloves Brand Logos
  • Immaculate Helmets
  • Immaculate Rookie Helmet Team Logos
  • Immaculate HOF Jerseys
  • Immaculate Insignias
  • Immaculate Rookie Insignias
  • Immaculate Logos
  • Immaculate Rookie Logos
  • Immaculate Monuments Relics
  • Immaculate Numbers Memorabilia
  • Immaculate Patches
  • Immaculate Rookie Patches
  • Immaculate Players Collection Jerseys
  • Immaculate Quad Jersey
  • Immaculate Shields
  • Immaculate Standard Jerseys
  • Rookie Nameplate Nobility
  • Rookie Pigskin
  • Rookie Player Caps
  • Rookie Reserve
  • Rookie Soles
Me:Well,it's a tough pill to swallow if someone had bought this one box and saw the results. I have however seen many, many impressive breaks of this as well. But, with every product, there is a dud box and i found one. I suggest getting in on a box break if you can't afford a full box. I will say though, the product looks really nice.

Another nack on the product, please don't put player worn material in a product that costs this much. Rookies can be somewhat understandable, but not veterans and legends. Those guys need to be game worn.

My Wife: Didn't feel like the value was here for this box and the best hit was the Peyton. I like the looks of it and the letter card was pretty cool but really expensive for such little amount of cards as well.

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  1. Vikings hot box! Such a beautiful set but that price point is scary. I'll stick to picking up singles on COMC. But you're lucky you got a chance to rip open one of these beauties. The Manning is very cool, perhaps your wife is right.

  2. Thanks for posting. Nice looking cards but a box like this can definitely scare people off. Nice Peyton though.

  3. Agree all around , the cards look nice and player worn makes it better. But a box like this doesn't help.
    The Randle is my favorite with Rudolph a close 2nd

  4. WOW Vikings just think if you were in a break of this stuff and 4 teams got something and one them got 3 cards just WOW better collation lol great if you have Vikings..... Nice looking cards but out of my box price range maybe I'll win an auto....

  5. That John Randle Eye Patch auto is pretty cool. I'm gonna have to check to see what Packers were in that set.