Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict:A Charlie Brown and Ernest Christmas

Just like at Halloween, I try to watch the same list of Christmas movies every year. Mostly based off from what I watched in my childhood.

As everyone knows, at least those who know me well, Christmas is my favorite holiday by a mile. It's the day my Savior was born, it's full of cheer  and generosity and then to top it off, it's full of, Christmas lights. Those I decorate all over my house and then some.

When the second to sometimes third week of November,  I go full blown Christmas with my 8 totes in storage of decorations. It's not as bad though as those TV specials where it looks like the Griswolds house on steroids.Even though I would love to do that.

For my Christmas movies, I watch all kinds but it all starts with some National Lampoons Christmas Vacation then expands to other movies such as Four Christmases, Elf, Garfield Christmas (my second favorite Christmas movie besides Christmas Vacation) and then these two.

A Charlie Brown Christmas. Who doesn't remember waiting til this came on TV and sitting there with snack in hand ready to watch it.

Quick breakdown of the movie, Charlie Brown tries to find the true meaning of Christmas and it takes until he finds this one special tree that teaches him, and his friends what Christmas really means.

Ernest Saves Christmas ranks in the Top 3 of my favorite Ernest movies. Ernest Rides Again is number one followed by Ernest Goes To Jail and then this one. Ernest Scared Stupid is almost tied with this one but I gave Christmas an edge since it's about my favorite holiday. This one I don't remember coming on TV but my mom would rent the VHS copy and we would watch it that way.

Quick Breakdown of the movie, Santa finds himself heading to Florida to find his next successor who is a host of a popular children's show but gets himself into a bit of trouble and Ernest comes to the rescue! Of course only the way Ernest can.

Both to me are classics I have watched since my childhood. So classic that every year I have my father in law find us a "Charlie Brown tree" and we decorate it on my deck outside. He searches for the ugliest tree in the woods. As for Ernest, well, a goofball who helps Santa save Christmas reminds me of myself some days as a goofball at Christmas time who can sometimes have a little too much fun.

If you haven't seen either of these movies or the ones I mentioned above, you are missing out. So I suggest you do so immediately!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas Eve!

I apologize for the short flashback today, but I am off to make some cocoa, eat some sugar cookies and choose one of these movies to watch.


  1. Saw Ernest one of the channels night before last. Made me laugh. He always was fun. And I just watched both Charlie Brown Christmas on Saturday night as I wrapped presents. So much fun and a staple as a kid. Many I looked forward to the Charlie Brown holiday shows. Fun post!

    1. Thanks! I miss when they used to put on more Christmas specials like Garfield Christmas and California Raisins Christmas

  2. Even baseball cards can't touch cocoa, sugar cookies, and watching a favorite Christmas movie on Christmas Eve. Personally... I'll be watching Scrooged tonight.

    1. I need to see that one again. Maybe next year!