Saturday, December 14, 2019

Generosity Around The Holidays

Trevor over at Bump and Run Football Cards Blog has hit me up the last few years with a surprise around Christmas time. I believe he also hit me up earlier this year.

He always sends me Giants or 90's set help which I truly appreciate. The only problem I have is I always misplace his address for a return thank you, even though I know he doesn't ask for one, and everyone who I am in contact with doesn't have it.

Finally this time when he sent his latest mailing, I kept the envelope and made sure I sent a return which I hope you enjoy soon Trevor.

Anyways, that unexpected mail day showed up last week and I am just getting to post it as there are so many mail days coming in as of recent and I am falling behind.

Today, I am posting two together that seem to fit. They both were friendly out of the blue just because it's the holidays kinda mail days. Neither expects anything in return except a thank you. They probably don't even expect that but I am going to give one anyways.

Here is my mail day from Trevor first before I move onto the second one,

Phoenix "refractor" of Odell. I gotta admit I still do miss him and I think he would have paired well with Jones, Barkley, Slayton, Shepard and Engram but it is what it is. And Peppers and draft picks Giants got in return have played well.

Set help for my Same Game More Attitude chase. I gotta update all of the numbers now with these additions and a few others.

Herman Moore TD Kings

1995 Pinnacle base set help

Dan Marino is an Award Winner! What ever happened to great looking cards like this.

Pro Bowl die cut. Love these! Still have a ways to go on the set however.

Hakeem Nicks sticker. I actually didn't have this

Thanks Trevor once again for the mail day! Much appreciated!

Up next, my buddy Turk on Twitter said he found something while searching his 2013 cards and said it fit with me more...and he was right!

Topps Prime....those were the days...

Ryan Nassib....

Woooooooo. That's sure purty!

autographed booklet with a swatch of football, not sure what the pink swatch is maybe a towel for Breast Cancer awareness?

And the other side with a jersey swatch, maybe a sock or ugly sweater and then a glove. Pretty slick!! Card is numbered 10/15.

Big thanks to Turk for this card and for your generosity!

I did a few generous mail days myself to a few unsuspected individuals including multiple bloggers who may not have seen a mail day from me in awhile. Well, now you will.

There is nothing better than spreading the love this time of year!


  1. I love booklets like that Nassib, and it's nice to be able to find them of players like him on the cheap at this point in his career. I collect plenty of guys in the same boat and it means adding some sweet cards to their collections.

    Anyway, Trevor's great to deal with if that wasn't already obvious from the great stuff he sent you here!

    1. Yes I do to. That Nassib is really cool up close

  2. It's a shame Nassib never really got a fair shot in the league. Nice booklet!

    1. I know. He got stuck behind two hall of fame QBs

  3. I'm happy to help in your set builds. I just got your return PWE from the mailbox. Thank you!

  4. That Nassib is sweet! And that Odell Phoenix is hella shiny.