Monday, December 23, 2019

A Jammin' New Trade

Jammin JD Sport Cards has been one of my longest friends in the internet world. I believe there is only one person I have known longer, yes I am talking about you Project Pedro Shane.

For many years, Jammin JD Sports Cards was apart of the Sport Card Collectors family and we collaborated on a lot of fun things such as giveaways, showing off his box breaks and doing some retro pack rips.

We have also done a couple of trades over the years.

But, it has been a long time since our last one and my recent tweet of my Lamar Jacksons caught his attention and we proceeded with our first trade in many years. Part of me didn't want to lose the Lamars looking at the future and current value of those, but I am always up to adding PC material as well.

So is win-win, lose-lose such a thing?

Anyways, I closed my eyes and pulled off the trade and brought home some sweet cards. Most you would have seen if you have checked out his break videos on his YouTube channel you can check out HERE.

Like this amazing Daniel Jones mega box that he bought. Pulled a pink jersey card

and a pink autograph in the same mega box. Who has this kinda luck from retail?!?! I know I don't. I usually pull names like Iamathird Stringer and Nevermadethe Practice-Squad.

Also in this trade was a second Jones auto, this time paired up with Darius Slayton who has impressed many for a 6th round pick.

And this last one pickup, this was a box pull for Jammin, was a "hope he can be the next Lamar Jackson" grab. Kyler has played well though this season and is better than I had expected with what's around him.

I won't tell you yet how many Jones autos this gives me now, I will update that in another episode of Giants PC but I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks to Jammin for the easy trade again.


  1. You got a lot of great cards for your Lamars. Who knows - maybe this is his peak value, while Jones and Murray still have plenty of room to grow.

    1. Very true. That's the way I looked at it besides the fact I add to my Giants collection. Of course breaking a record and throwing for five Touchdowns helps for Jones.

  2. Tremendous, I think you sold high on Lamar so good job there.

    1. Thanks! But did I get enough in return in the end. Time will tell