Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Breakin' Wax:1998 Playoff Momentum Retail Pack Break

A few weeks ago, I showed off a pack of 1998 Playoff Momentum from one of my $25 A Week Challenge pickups and mentioned in that post how I would be breaking it on here. Well, that time has finally come.

I am obviously hoping for a Peyton Manning or Randy Moss, but with only four cards per pack that becomes a challenge. But, I accept the challenge.

Let 'er rip!
There are only four cards per pack and I only paid $3. It was worth it regardless of what I pull.

The base cards have an embossed football feel to them. Kinda fun. Mainly player focused base cards with some action photography to them.

Da Moose! Daryl Johnston plowed over oncoming defenders to make room for a Emmitt Smith run.

Antonio Freeman. Such an underrated WR.

Frank Wycheck. Who can forget his lateral pass in the playoffs on the game ending kickoff return against the Bills that led to the Kevin Dyson game winning TD in the Music City Miracle.

Andre Reed is another guy who didn't get enough credit for what he did in his career.

Not a bad pack in my opinion and the point of it was to be nostalgic and it hit that spot. I have thought about picking up another one down the road if I find it cheap enough again.


  1. Not a bad pack or design. Not one I'd seen before. Good post.

  2. It's crazy how different the retail product of 98 Momentum looked compared to the SSD (which I assume was hobby).

    1. Yes I know. The SSD looks much better in my opinion.