Sunday, February 8, 2015

Breakin Wax:2014 Panini Certified Football Hobby Box Break

Certified is another favorite of mine. I like the all-foil product it is. They look really exceptional when they are done in rainbow foil too.

Sorry I don't have a box picture, but here is the lowdown. You get 10 packs per box with 5 cards per pack. There is four autographs/memorabilia cards per box along with three rookie cards and four parallels. You can find most boxes for under $70.

The base set is simple. Player focused and lots of foil. I think the balance of player and the writing on the card works out beautifully.

Back of the card

My two rookies in the box

The parallels. I am a bit disappointed in the parallels. They needed more rainbow shine to them instead of a blah red color. They did do a good job with the Golds however numbering them to 25 and adding some shine.

Tim Brown isn't really an insert, but I call it that. The Suh is a nice looking card gold parallel of the Pro Bowl insert and is limited to just 25 copies. The inserts as a whole do not look bad at all.

Now onto my hits, nothing big here as I found another Latimer along with some guy I have never heard of from New England. I will say though these look AWESOME! The rainbow foil make these jersey cards worth collecting.

One of my autographs from the box. Dee Ford a defensive end for the Chiefs.

AND SOME BOOM! I just wished it was a better player. Most of my boxes I have opened this year for football have had this guy in them or Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. I do like this cards rarity however at 1/5. This is a mirror green.
Overall, if it wasn't for the low numbered McCarron, this box would have been very lackluster. But as a whole, the product looks nice and I am sure there are much better breaks out there to be had.

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