Monday, May 23, 2016

Collectin' Griffey:2013 Topps Archives

Topps Archives is a fun product that celebrates today’s players on past designs from Topps’ 60-plus year history in the baseball card market.

The 2013 version put Ken back in his throwback uni as well in the 1982 Topps design. The color scheme is matched perfectly from the original design for the Mariners, obviously Griffey wasn't included in the original set but it's fun to see it now.

I think they also chose a great photo to use of Ken as most of those photos in that set were like this.
What do you guys think about Topps Archives? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Loathe it? Thoughts in comments are always welcomed!


  1. Love the concept (I'm a sucker for these 'throwback' sets) but its execution is only average grade, IMO. The card stock is some sort of terribly thin crap and the cards bow as soon as you free them from the pack. The photo choices are mostly lazy -- usually recycled from other issues (Heritage, GQ, etc.), though I do like the Griffey you've showcased. The checklists have been OK up until Topps decided to take the fun away from set collectors (again) and make too many short prints that are way too short-printed, especially of some of the game's biggest stars.

    All that said, I'll continue to buy/collect some of this product even thought it's a bit overpriced. Thanks to SPs, my days of trying to make the complete set of Archives is over, however.

  2. It's a fun product. I credit 2012 Archives as the set that got me back into the hobby. Then 2013's set was good too. But they really got lazy in 2014 and 2015 where they relied on the Major League inserts and Will Ferrell inserts to carry the product and didn't put much effort into the rest. I'm hoping that 2016 Archives is a return to form, but I'm not holding my breath.